A magic effect with a borrowed phone

The Effect

A spectator visits your website on their own phone, tablet or computer. A photograph is pointed out and they are asked to name any playing card.

The spectator then looks at the photo that has been on the screen of their own device the entire time to see a perfect match.

The best way to leave a spectator with your website and contact information.

No Accomplice Required

MagicWebFX is very easy to perform with no memory work - if you can count, you can perform the effect.

No Website?

No problem! We provide you with a free customisable site with your contact details to let you perform MagicWebFX.

Download the app

MagicWebFX is an iPhone app that currently works on all devices with iOS 7 or later.

Your spectator can use any modern phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

“It's brilliant. In fact, it's so good, you can write any quote that you'd like from me.” David Berglas, Magician and Mentalist